Established in 2019, Mars Media offers services with the main aim of elevating brands by making high quality videos. We are determined that video media is the best way to communicate different brands’ key ideas, messages, and products.

Understanding Mars Media’s Operational Workflow

It is important for us to share a sketch of how we work so that you, our potential client, can have a picture of the production process.

Prior to the production of a video the crew needs to bring together the script, storyboarding, booking talent, tech and location scouting to check if everything is present for the shooting process to run smoothly. During the production, the crew will scrutinize every detail of your project, from crew/ talent management to the set design to make sure that the video is perfect. After the production, our crew and editing team will show you the final product and ask for your opinion so that this creative process becomes a collaboration.

Video Services that What We Offer

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Aerial Videography

Looking for a unique look for your project? Aerial videography is a great way to take your
video to the next level. With high quality capabilities anything is possible!


Training / Course Videos

Having a high quality training or course video is a huge benefit for your brand! It is important to have your message clearly communicated through the right video. We are here to make sure your brand/ businesses will showcase your message in the right way.



You don't want to be like everyone else, you want to stand out. All of our commercials
are unique and a one-of-a-kind experiences specifically tailored to your needs. We work
with you through the WHOLE process! From the pre production, getting the shot list and
storyboard ready. All the way to the final product, which we know you will love!


Website Videos

They say content is king and your website is a great place to showcase that. With our amazing team of professionals, we will create a video that shows off your brand in the right light. Everyone that clicks on your website will automatically fall in love with you and your brand!


Award Winning Social Media Content

Our team is here to help you create content that will increase your engagement and beat your competition. We look at what type of content will perform the best in the current market.

Our highly skilled and professional team is passionate about providing the best services for our clients. We constantly strive to be engaged in our clients’ projects so that we love them as much as our clients do. Last but not least, we always strive to make the production process fun, exciting, creative and stimulating.

If you are interested in hiring our creative video production team, feel free to contact Mars Media today.